Jams are a sweet preserve made from fruit and sugar. They are a versatile food, which can be spread on bread, used to fill cakes or as an accompaniment to cheeses. Jams can be made with any type of fruit, and different types of sugar can be used to adjust the sweetness.


The best Sicilian fruit is used for the preparation of fragrant and refined jams and marmalades. A moment of sweetness that will remain indelible in the mind of anyone who tastes our products for the first time. Spreading and tasting them even simply on a slice of bread becomes an indispensable pleasure. The aromas of citrus fruits and Sicilian fruit are released as soon as the jar is opened. All nature, without any additions.

Astuccio PVC Confettura di Fichidindia

The production of jams involves cooking the fruit together with sugar and lemon juice to increase its conservation. After cooking, the fruit is blended and mixed with pectin, a natural substance present in the fruit itself which helps to give the jam its gelatinous consistency and prevent it from crystallizing.

Astuccio PVC Confettura di Fichidindia


All the flavors and aromas of Sicily enclosed in these jams and marmalades prepared without any addition of preservatives or colourings. Only fresh seasonal fruit and a lot of passion. Enjoy these little moments of pure pleasure with our strawberry, prickly pear and Sicilian black fig jams. Breakfast tastes better if you start with a slice of bread and jam.

In premium glass jar

Spreading and tasting them even simply on a slice of bread becomes an indispensable pleasure. Format: 210 g "Premium" glass jar

Jams are a natural source of vitamins and minerals, essential for the well-being of our body. In particular, the fruit used for the production of jams contains vitamin C, potassium, calcium, phosphorus and iron.
Furthermore, jams contain natural antioxidants which help counteract the action of free radicals and prevent premature aging of cells.

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