The secret of our products? Undoubtedly quality .

Quality of the raw material which is then reflected on the finished product, on our desserts.

Pistì pistachio spread with green pistachio from Bronte DOP is an example of the pursuit of quality, starting from the ingredients, up to processing. It is in fact made exclusively with certified Bronte pistachio.

45% pure pistachio, extra virgin olive oil and Italian milk are the main ingredients of our PDO pistachio spread.

For a unique and sublime experience, the Pistì cream with pistachio from Bronte with an intense and enveloping taste is a treat for the palate.

Spread on bread or rusks, eaten by the spoonfuls, our cream creates a real addiction!

Try the Pistì cream with PDO pistachio, enjoy the true flavor of the Bronte pistachio!

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“Land that changes from palm to palm”: this is how the people of Etna speak of their land.

Since ancient times, the Etna area has been characterized by its vastness and richness.

The imposing presence of the “Mountain”, as the Bronte people call it, has contributed to making the soil even more fertile, thus becoming an ideal place for the development of flora and fauna.

The continuous eruptions of Etna mean that the soil is subject to constant changes and for this reason our land is as rich as it is diverse.

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