How and when to use Pistì cream

How good is the pistachio Pimi? But how could I eat it? Or rather, with what? And above all, how can I stop eating it?  Well, there is an answer to all but the last question: the pistachio Pistì is so inviting and tasty that it is almost impossible not to keep dipping your teaspoon into the jar.

But don't worry dear reader, our spreadable cream contains good and genuine ingredients: such as milk of Italian origin, of course the best pistachio and contains no palm oil, but extra virgin olive oil. Ingredients that put together create a velvety cream with an unmistakable flavour, perfect to enjoy at any time of day.

The best time to enjoy our delicious cream of pistachio? Always! 

Breakfast, we know, is a fundamental meal, so why not make it a moment of pure pleasure? The pistachio Pistì is ideal to spread on rusks, bread and even biscuits. A hearty, energy-packed breakfast to get you through the day is always a great idea!

Or for a small moment of gluttony, a teaspoon of the Pistì cream after lunch, perhaps accompanied by a good coffee is a simply sublime combination.

And then how could we not mention the snack! The perfect time to enrich your snack with this sweet treat: crepes, pancakes, tarts, cakes, yoghurt and ice cream, all perfect dishes to be embellished with a delicious cascade of creamy pistachio Pistì. Children and adults alike will be thrilled.

And why not, even after dinner, a teaspoon of cream to the pistachio Pistì to satisfy the sweet tooth and end the day on a high note.

In short, the pistachio Pistì is perfect for every moment of the day, from the morning just after waking up to the evening before bedtime.

You just have to choose whether to eat it by the spoonful, as a topping, as the main ingredient of a cakeor simply spread on a slice of bread!

Enjoy the tasting!

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