Our story: where it all began.

Pistì was born from the minds of two young twenties, Nino Marino and Vincenzo Longhitano.

The desire to do was great, so the project was born to unite and make passion known for Sicilian recipes to a new way of doing business.

It all began in 2002 when the Pistì brand was created and, after making arrangements with local pastry shops to prepare typical Sicilian sweets, the two young people decided to go to the Cibus of Parma.

It was a success that confirmed that the intuition of the two young entrepreneurs was the right one. Thus the company structure began to consolidate and in 2009 a 4 thousand square meter artisan workshop was inaugurated on the slopes of Etna, in the heart of the pistachio land, in Bronte. The growth has been exponential and has never stopped, the Pistì from stable work to 90 people who in periods of high production reach 160. 80% are women of the territory.

Today the company is a leader in the production of pistachio cream and other products such as almond paste, nougat, colombe, panettone. The reference market is not only the Italian one, but also the foreign one. In fact, there are 41 foreign countries to which Pistì exports its delicacies and among these there are the United States, New Zealand, Australia and Japan, Canada, as well as most of the European countries.

The strength of Pistì lies in the craftsmanship: from the pistachio harvest, to the processing and preparation of sweets, up to packaging, all processes are carried out strictly by hand .

Another strong point is certainly the use of quality raw materials such as Bronte pistachio. The company was one of the first to receive authorization for the sale and processing of the “Green Pistachio of Bronte PDO”.

A success story in which tradition and flavors, which start from afar, today reach everywhere.

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