Passion, care, precision, patience: all essential factors in the preparation of our leavened products.

The Pistì colombe, as well as all our sweets, are produced in our artisan laboratory in Bronte.

We are artisans, being with our hands is our job; work that we have turned into real art.

Everything comes from a careful research of raw materials: flour, Italian milk and honey are among the main ingredients for the dough of Pistì colombe.

The soft compound, after 36 hours of leavening, is then completed according to the different flavors: stuffed with our pistachio cream and enriched with chocolate chips, candied fruit and whole pistachios or other dried fruit.

Spearhead of the line dedicated to Easter, the white chocolate Pistì colomba stuffed with pistachio cream is a must during the festive period.

A pure white chocolate glaze embellished with pistachio grains, covers a soft and fragrant dough.

Inside, our pistachio cream enriches the delicate pasta.

A real triumph of smells and flavors.

The same dough with the same pistachio cream filling, you can also find it with the extra dark chocolate coating, a real delight.

For lovers of fruity flavors, the Pistì colomba with berries is simply irresistible.

The warm and enveloping taste of white chocolate is accompanied by juicy red fruits.

Soft and super fragrant, the mixture is complemented by the same berries present on the very fine white chocolate coating.

The Pistì leavened products go through a completely artisan journey: from the dough, filling and packaging, our doves are prepared with the care and dedication that only true craftsmen possess.

Do you want to immerse yourself in an experience of pure pleasure? Discover the Pistì colombe on our website and choose the flavor you like best!

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