As the experts say: breakfast is the most important meal of the day.

Many, however, tend to underestimate it compared to lunch or dinner; to start the day with the right energy, a substantial breakfast is essential!

Having a good breakfast allows you to take about 20-30% of the daily caloric intake, for this reason skipping it could lead to drowsiness and difficulty concentrating. </ span >

Many scientific studies have shown that skipping breakfast and just having a quick coffee can irritate and inflame the digestive tract.

Today we want to give you 3 tips for a healthy breakfast and habits:

  • Never skip the first meal of the day: it has been found that a good breakfast greatly increases the level of physical and intellectual performance;
  • Take your time: taking a moment and enjoying the first meal of the day certainly cannot harm your health!
  • Choose substantial dishes that allow you to fill up on energy to better face the day!

Dairy products, carbohydrates and fruit are the perfect combo for every breakfast: milk, yogurt, cereals, rusks, biscuits and lots of seasonal fruit!

For an extra pinch of energy and goodness, a pour of Pistì pistachio cream on a bowl of yogurt and cereals is simply sublime !

Our cream, made with genuine ingredients such as: the best pistachio, Italian milk and extra virgin olive oil, is also perfect on bread or rusks.

Pistì pistachio cream gives your meal that touch of magic and extreme gluttony that you can’t wait to enjoy in your breakfast! </ p>


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