In our desserts only the best possible chocolate

Only pure chocolate for our productions. It tastes so warm, intense and enveloping that it makes every dessert special.

Everything comes from a meticulous selection of the best cocoa beans from all over the world. The roasting of the bean with the entire shell is another secret; this method allows the beans to keep all the aromas and taste notes unaltered, which will be preserved even after the subsequent grinding and mixing. It is precisely this mix resulting from the grinding of the different roasted beans that gives cocoa the appellation of excellence. Choosing the best chocolate is a priority for us. For example, the use of single-origin dark chocolate with at least 70% cocoa gives our products a quality that translates into sweets and delicacies with an overwhelming taste that give the palate a harmonious and enveloping sensation of pleasure.

But we are not just talking about goodness and quality: chocolate has different properties and benefits. Here are a few:

– Cocoa is a huge source of flavonoids, famous antioxidants that reduce cholesterol levels;

– Has a protective effect on the entire cardiovascular system, especially the heart;

– It has an anti-aging effect, improving the health of the skin and our body;

– Has a real anti-depressant and anti-stress effect;

– Contains various active ingredients with an energizing action such as caffeine;

– Chocolate with over 43% cocoa also alleviates muscle cramps

– Improve memory;

– Dark chocolate contains a high amount of minerals: such as potassium, copper and iron;

– Protects against neurodegenerative diseases such as senile dementia and Alzheimer’s;

– Dark chocolate, if introduced in the right quantities and combined with a healthy and balanced diet it is an excellent ally in weight loss.

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