Bronte Pistachio Pesto Dop

Pistachio, as we know, is a food that perfectly accompanies both sweet and savory.

In fact, in addition to using this splendid fruit as the basis for most of the confectionery production, we have also made it the protagonist of various savory dishes, including Pesto di Pistachio.

Our pesto is made with 60% of Bronte DOP green pistachio , accompanied by ingredients such as oil, salt and pepper, which make it a condiment with an intense and enveloping flavor, perfect for enriching your dishes.

Excellent to use on first and second courses and again to dress pizzas and bruschetta.

The dishes are enriched by the unique and inimitable taste of Bronte pistachio, which will make the meal a moment of pure pleasure for the senses. It will be difficult not to lick your mustache!

The pesto is presented in an elegant 200 gr “Evolution” glass jar.

Storage conditions: Store in a cool and dry place, away from heat sources. Stir before use. After opening, keep refrigerated and use within a few days.

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