Ingredients of Pistì cream: properties and benefits of milk and extra virgin olive oil

We transform excellent raw materials into an extraordinary cream. Then we eat it.

A simple and delicious recipeconsisting only of sweet and delicate selected pistachios, the finest sugar, top-quality milk powder, golden extra virgin olive oil, soya lecithin and strictly non-hydrogenated vegetable fats.

Now, in detail, let's go over the benefits and nutritional values of two main ingredients of cream of pistachioextra virgin olive oil and milk. Strictly selected products from Italian producers.

Properties and benefits of oil

  • It is good for the heart because it is rich in monounsaturated fatty acids;
  • It helps fight bad cholesterol and promotes an increase in good cholesterol;
  • It strengthens the immune system and protects against bacteria;
  • Its nutritional properties also help fight major diseases such as Alzheimer's and intestinal cancer;
  • It protects the memory and learning capacity;
  • It has an anti-ageing function for the skin and bones, thanks to the presence of vitamin E;
  • Helps fight skin cancer thanks to squalene, a substance found abundantly in olive oil

Nutritional values

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Properties and benefits of milk

  • It is a source of complete nourishment; in fact, it is an essential substance for human nutrition;
  • It is rich in calcium and vitamin D, which is essential for the formation of teeth and bones;
  • It is an indispensable food in a healthy, balanced diet;
  • It is an ideal food for developing children, but also for adults and the elderly

Nutritional values

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