Pistachio Pesto

Pistachio pesto is an extraordinary condiment thanks to its combination of sweet and savoury flavours. This bright green sauce is perfect for dressing pasta or accompanying cheese and cold cuts. Pistachio pesto is also ideal for adding a touch of originality to sandwiches and salads.

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In a place like Bronte, the home of pistachios in Italy, there could be no shortage of processes that use this fruit by transforming it into products of excellent quality. The fragrance and flavour of pistachios is used by us not only in confectionery, but also in the preparation of excellent kitchen products such as pestos. The sublime aroma and deep, intense flavour of the best pistachios can be found in products with a high nutritional value, ready to season any dish your creativity is capable of creating.

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In the kitchen it lends itself well from first courses to main courses

Besides being delicious, pistachio pesto is also an excellent source of nutrients. Pistachios are rich in healthy fats, protein and fibre, while olive oil is known for its heart-healthy benefits. So, by choosing our pistachio pesto, you can enjoy a tasty and health-promoting condiment.

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A tasty pistachio condiment ready to transform a pasta dish or a meat or fish dish into a true masterpiece of deliciousness. Discover it in the elegant and convenient 90 g premium jar.


Tasty condiments for pasta and for those who want to put their imagination into cooking. The best pistachios become excellent, fragrant pestos to enrich and make every dish a true masterpiece of taste. Discover the 190 g basic glass jar and have fun in the kitchen.

Pistachio pesto is an authentic delicacy with a unique flavour. Prepared with the finest pistachios, each spoonful of this delicious condiment will transport you straight to our land. Pistachio pesto is the perfect choice for connoisseurs of unique and authentic flavours.

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Pistachio Pesto
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 4 reviews
 by Tony

Ideal for seasoning pasta or as a dip for croutons!

 by Salvo

A delicious and creamy pistachio pesto with an intense pistachio flavour and a velvety texture. I recommend it!

 by Franco

Pistachio pesto is delicious! It has a unique, creamy flavour that makes it perfect for seasoning pasta or as a dip for vegetables. I highly recommend trying it.

 by Michael

Pesto is delicious! It has an intense flavour and a creamy texture that makes it perfect for seasoning pasta or bruschetta. I highly recommend it!