Mandorle raccolte a mano

It is almost too
easy to say almond

Originally from the Mediterranean basin, it landed in Sicily with the Phoenicians and soon spread to all the Greek colonies. Used in the kitchen since ancient times, the best of all almonds remains the Sicilian one, absolute queen of our delights: almond pastes, classic, pistachio or hazelnut or flavored with orange or chocolate, the exquisite crunchy, but also nougats and nougats scented with orange blossom honey and white or dark chocolate icing.

Mandorla pizzuta di Avola
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Pisti: a world of
Sicilian sweetness

Piantagione di mandorle

The Mennula, queen of the Syracusan area

The Sicilian almond has always been cultivated in the Syracuse area where the temperate climate of the Iblei mountains creates an ideal environment in which to grow in harmony with the territory, making it a unique product, known all over the world. But what makes the Sicilian almond so special are its organoleptic qualities, which give it an unparalleled taste and exceptional nutritional properties, for example a polyphenol content, 3 times higher than that of the Californian almond.

A delight that
enriches Pistì desserts

The Sicilian almond is always present in the pastry of our territory and beyond. In our laboratory it is one of the main ingredients. Thanks to its taste it adds an extra touch to each dessert.