the great pistachio
from Bronte!

Pistacchi di Bronte raccolti a mano

An ancient fruit.

A native Persian plant of mediterranean origin, it is even mentioned in the Old Testament and has been cultivated since the time of the Jews for its precious fruit. In Sicily, it was the Arabs who during their domination developped the cultivation of this plant. Today, it is the undisputed star of our pistachio almond cookies, crunchy pistachio nougats and pistachio nougat bars but also Pistachio spreads and culinary patés, ideal for irresistible culinary inventions.

Pistacchio di Bronte
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Pisti: a world of
Sicilian sweetness

Bronte, land of the pistachio, the capital of the Sicilian pastry.

Piantagione di pistacchi

Green Gold of Etna

Long lasting and resistant. It's able to grow on vulcanic and steep land. The green pistachio is the symbol of Bronte and its territory: the Etna slopes, which are a great source of richness, are its ideal habitat. The pistachio is called "green gold", not only for its emerald green colour but also for its organoleptic characteristics, derived from a unique microclimate, which make it a high quality fruit, excellent in size and flavour compared to pistachios from Greece, Middle East, California or Argentina.

The secret of a unique taste

The harvest which occurs every two years makes the Pistachio of Bronte PDO a unique fruit: only in this way the plant has the time to absorb all those nutrients from the lava soil on which it grows that also grant it its aroma, its unmatched scent and taste. All these qualities allow us to turn it in our sweet delicacies.