Sicilian ceramics

Pottery first appeared as far back as the Neolithic period and the oldest finds were in Japan, the Middle East and Turkey.


In Italy it spread in the sixth millennium B.C. with a strong expansion in Sicily and then also in southern Spain and Portugal.


Sicily's position has always favoured and despite the many dominations and different peoples that have inhabited the island, Sicily has always maintained a decisive and specific character particularly in the production of ceramics.


Pottery is made by modelling a mixture of clay, water and fired clay by means of fire, and the quality of Sicilian ceramics is guaranteed by a careful selection of the best clays that are refined to remove all impurities.


The best ceramics in Sicily are produced in Santo Stefano di Camastra (ME), Sciacca (ME) and Caltagirone (CT), where tradition is handed down from generation to generation.


The majority of Sicilian ceramics are made entirely by handthrough an entirely artisanal process, and for this reason the cost compared to industrial ceramics is much higher.


Working with clay is one of the oldest arts, and thanks to the old Sicilian masters, even today, the production of handmade ceramics on the island is more flourishing than ever.


In this regard, on From 5 to 15 July, with a minimum spend of 49 euro, you will receive a gift of a salad bowl handcrafted from Sicilian ceramics worth 25 euros!


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