A success story,
in the Sicilian way.

Tradition and flavors that have come from far away and that today have reached everywhere

A sweet intuition

Pistì was born almost from a game, the one that in 2001 led two young people, just 20 years old, to bet on a project capable of combining the Sicilian confectionery vocation with a modern way of doing business.

The intuition that Nino Marino and Vincenzo Longhitano had then was to invent an artisan workshop for the production of typical Sicilian sweets : therefore nougat, martorana fruit, crunchy and chocolate, almond specialties, panettone and colombe, but with a new mood of refinement and creativity that would meet the palate and the desire for novelty of the younger generations.

Pistì was born in Bronte, at the foot of a large Etna

Undisputed homeland of the best pistachio in the world.

The quality of ideas

Thanks to the use of an excellent raw material and to a processing that focuses on careful craftsmanship of the product, Pistì immediately hits the mark : the debut at Cibus collects so many orders to request the immediate purchase of a shed adjacent to the historic pastry shop found in the center of Bronte to start the business.

The rest is recent history

Pistì currently employs 85 people permanently, which in periods of high production reach 130, with new hires every year, in contrast to the national average.


The widespread use of female labor and a marked sensitivity for environmental protection complete the portrait of a jewel company that remains a large artisan pastry shop where all the processes, from processing to packaging , with great care in the choice of packaging and decor, are now carried out by hand.

All this can only be the result and treasure of a lesson of knowledge and flavors which, despite the important numbers achieved, has maintained that manual character that makes Pistì a success story, permeated with Sicilian tradition and innovation, in a mix of wisdom and excellence destined to last over time.