February 26th is the international pistachio festival!

The undisputed protagonist of our desserts, pistachio with its unmistakable taste and its properties, has conquered countless palates so much that it deserves a dedicated day.

This special fruit is the soul and pride of our reality, an indissoluble bond that has always accompanied us.

February 26th is the worldwide celebration of the pistachio, but after all it is also our party!

Brought to Italy by the Romans, and subsequently spread in the Bronte area by the Arabs, pistachio has enjoyed fame and success since ancient times.

Present in the courts of pharaohs, kings and queens, pistachio is now widespread in several countries and in demand all over the world.

The variety grown in the Sicilian territory, in Bronte, is one of the most valuable;

the fruit that grows and develops among the Etna ski areas is protected by the famous DOP quality mark, it is no coincidence that the Bronte pistachio is the one with the highest price on the market. 

From its discovery to today, pistachio has been the protagonist in various fields, such as: cooking, medicine, perfumery and among its properties the aphrodisiacs have been widely appreciated .

The pistachio, in the course of history has become a real star of the culinary world. Protagonist of both sweet and savory dishes, such as: pistachio pesto, creams and typical Sicilian sweets, pistachio is now an essential ingredient of our recipes.

Among the most popular Pistì products with pistachio there is certainly our pistachio cream, made with 45% pistachio and healthy and genuine ingredients. the palate! An enveloping cream with the unique flavor of real pistachio!

On the occasion of World Pistachio Day, the day dedicated to our dear old friend, I can only advise you to sweeten your day with the delicious Pistì pistachio cream! 

Bon appetit!

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