Pistachio cream spread

Pistachio cream is the perfect treat for all pistachio lovers. Its intense flavour and smooth texture make it a unique taste experience. The pistachios used in the production of this cream are of the highest quality, grown in fertile and healthy soil, giving the product an unmistakable flavour and aroma. Its soft, velvety texture makes it easy to spread and use in cooking.

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Unparalleled goodness

Pistachio spread and more. The processing of dried fruit, and in particular our pistachios, allows us to obtain various types of products such as sweet spreadable creams. The only ones processed directly from fresh milk. Each cream is ready to be spread on biscuits or simply on a slice of bread, so that every moment of the day becomes sweet.

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A thousand different ways to taste our creams

Pistachio cream is a unique product that is characterised by its intense flavour and creamy texture. Perfect to spread on bread or biscuits, pistachio cream is a unique taste experience that conquers the palate of young and old alike.

raw materials bronte pistachio


The pistachio spread in a jar with an elegant, modern look ready to capture all the senses. When good taste is also expressed through appearance, without ever neglecting quality. Our pistachio cream is in fact prepared according to an ancient Sicilian recipe, in an artisanal manner and using the 45% of the best pistachio. One jar leads to another.


The flagship of our production is the 'Pistacchio Verde di Bronte D.O.P.' cream, the one and only delicacy with an unmistakable flavour and taste. A spreadable cream that can be remembered and eaten by the spoonful. For the preparation of this product we use only certified 'Bronte D.O.P. Green Pistachio'; this gives an incredibly enveloping taste and aroma to this spreadable cream.

Pistachio cream is a healthy alternative to traditional spreads. Rich in vitamins and minerals, pistachio cream is perfect for breakfast or a snack, thanks to its ability to provide long-term energy. In addition, pistachio cream is free of palm oil and artificial preservatives, guaranteeing a genuine, high-quality product.

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Pistachio Cream
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 5 reviews
 by kavin


 by Walter

Intense pistachio flavour that makes it ideal for garnishing cakes or as a cake filling. I recommend it to those who love intense, strong flavours.

 by Gustavo

A real treat for the palate. It has an intense, sweet pistachio flavour with a soft, delicate texture. Perfect as a filling for cakes!

 by Michael

Great for desserts or simply on bread, a must-have!

 by Paul

Impossible to do without, always to have at home!