It's our land
that makes us better

Pistacchi di Bronte raccolti a mano

Goodness beneath
the volcano

Etna generates around it only good fruits. It made the entire confectionery tradition of the island its own in the renewed creation of masterpieces, marked by sweetness.

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We are surrounded by nature
as sweet as Pisti

Sicilian land always produces good fruit and delicious pastries.

In the name of the land

Ours pastries tell their own as well as our land's history. Almond paste is more Sicilian than anywhere else because the Arabs left it to us. Chocolate, as good as Swiss chocolate thanks to the Spanish, who learnt from the Aztecs, brought it to Sicily during the sixteenth century domination. Even the soft nougats and crunchy nougats, are a variation of the ancient Arab cubaida of sesame and honey. Traditional pastries that we hope to hand down to the next generations whilst experimenting on new combinations and looking for the right sweetness.

Balconi barocchi di Siclia
Maioliche di Caltagirone
Veduta del mare di Sicilia
From the land
but always with sweetness


A continuous shifting between soft and crunchy,very sweet and less sweet, chocolatey and not, aromatic and fruity, like a 360 degree journey through the sweetest parts of Sicily.

Panettoni in lievitazione