What's our secret?
The handcrafted production

Our pastries hide one certainty: that of being the result of a careful and methodical handmade process. no machines are used only hands which put all the effort human commitment can achieve into every cookie, nougat candy, panettone or chiccoso, they make.

It is for this reason, that we still and always will call ourselves a pastry laboratory: thanks to the ingenious and meticulous work, where nothing is left to chance and which is evident in every single step of our production.

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The perfect dough

A mixture of experience, hands and a lot of heart.

Kneading is a vocation, and we have made it our own: whether it be the flour for our fragrant panettone or for our sweet Easter dove panettone, for the traditional almond pastry dough, or for the nougats and crunchy nougats, blended with the orange blossom honey and fragrant dried fruit. However, kneading is how we express ourselves better, we love it and we succeed very well because our pastry chefs know this art as no one else does. They do it again and again for every sweet masterpiece they make and they never stop trying to make them even better. our work is based on quality and new ideas.

L'aggiunta dell'uva passa all'impasto del panettone
Adding raisins to the panettone dough


Imagine a mixture of ingredients and excellent raw materials left to rise. A day passes and it rises again, releasing all the flavour and aroma of carefully chosen ingredients. So, after being left to rest up to 36 hours or more, this mixture becomes what then reaches our tables: a masterpiece of sweetness that never finishes to enchant the taster's palate: a sensational experience that begins with the eyes, just seeing it even before you unwrap it: then with the mouth savouring the taste. It is something time after time gives you a feeling of an unchaged recipe which never loses it's goodness.

Il taglio dell'impasto lievitato
Cutting the risen dough
I Panettoni in lievitazione
The panettone during the rising process


When the dough has risen it is already fragrant thanks to the aromas and flavours used. It then goes into the oven for careful cooking. This is a crucial step in the process where the slower it is cooked the better. Only in this way the panettone, dove panettones and cookies reach perfection in the oven. All that is left to do is taste them. It is not by chance that Pisti produces baked masterpieces.

La cottura delle paste di mandorla
Baking the almond cookies
La guarnitura dei cioccolati
Decorating the chocolates
La guarnitura dei panettoni
Decorating the panettones


Our deliciousness is visible, it is not by chance that every Pisti delicacy - from the fragrant panettone or tasty dove panettone to the delicious cookies and almond pastries and the chiccosi - is the result of meticulous attention to detail, where taste goes hand in hand with beautiful decoration: this is where we see what comes out of such perfect craftsmanship. There is nor a grain or piece of dried fruit, nor piece of candied fruit or glaze, that has not passed through the skilled hands of our pastry chefs and been checked carefully. The final result speaks for itself, Sweetness is served alongside beauty.

La guarniture delle frolle
Decorating the shortbread biscuits
La guarnitura dei cioccolati
Decorating the chocolates
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Decorated by hand and one by one

So that not only is everything beautiful but also delicious.


Details are important, therefore we devote a great deal of attention to the Pisti delicacies' packaging. Choosing good quality packaging, selected mainly for their functionality is only in this way that we can ensure and preserve the scent and flavour of the products that have just been created but we also want each box, blister packaging, ribbon or bow, to be up to the same standard as the goodness inside them.

Confezione torrone dolce alle mandorle Pistí
Packed by hand one by one